Applications & FAQS


Application for Entry into the Honours Programme

Application Deadline: 31st October each year

Applications into the honours programme are considered by the specialisation streams. This requires that you the applicant, specify your first and second choices on the application form.

Applicants must submit:

  1. A Departmental Application Form
  2. A Questions on Research Interests (Honours) Form
  3. A UCT application Form (please read the relevant information if you are a foreign student)
  4. A 500-750 word statement of interest, explaining why you are interested in doing the Honours degree.
  5. Students who have completed their degrees elsewhere are required to submit two referees reports on the departmental reference form.
  6. Students who have completed their degrees within the EGS Department should list the names of two members of staff who will act as referees. EGS students should also submit a passport sized photograph with their application.

Please note, students in the Human Geography, Physical Geography, GIS and Environmental Management streams will graduate with a Honours degree in Environmental and Geographical Science.

Students in the Atmospheric Science stream will graduate with an Honours degree in Atmospheric Science.

If you have additional queries about entry into any of our postgraduate courses, please contact the Postgraduate Coordinator, Assoc Professor Gina Ziervogel  (