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Prof Michael Meadows

 Professor Mike Meadows

    Room: 4.12
    Tel: 021- 6502873

    BSc (Hons) (Sussex), PhD (Cambridge)

Academic Profile

Mike Meadows is a Physical Geographer who has been at the University of Cape Town since 1983. Originally hailing from Liverpool, UK, Mike obtained his BSc Honours at the University of Sussex and his PhD the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge.

Promoted to Professor in 2003, he was been Head of Department from 2001 to 2017. He fulfils a wide variety of administrative roles within the Department, Faculty and in the University as a whole, and is the on-site Director for a semester study abroad programme run in collaboration with three US Colleges (Macalester, Pomona, Swarthmore). He is also Distinguished Professor in the School of Geographical Sciences at East China Normal University.

Mike's external portfolio of responsibilities include being the Secretary-General and Treasurer of the International Geographical Union (from 2010-2018), but he is also Past President of the Society of South African Geographers (of which he is a Fellow) and of the Southern African Quaternary Association (SASQUA). He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of South Africa, the Royal Geographical Society, the University of Cape Town and the African Academy of Sciences, and is on the editorial board of several high profile international journals.

Current Teaching:

Mike Meadows teaches the Geomorphology and Biogeography modules on the first year course, GEO 1009F: Introduction to Earth and Environmental Sciences, convenes and teaches half of the third year course EGS 3023F Anthropocene Environments in Perspective. His postgraduate teaching encompasses EGS 4034F Globalisation and the Environment and EGS 4027F Quaternary Environments.

Research Interests

Mike Meadows is an NRF B-rated scientist and has a broad range of research activities under the umbrella Physical Geography. He is currently working with a variety of international collaborators from Universities in the United Kingdom (Oxford), France (Montpellier II), Germany (Jena) and China (East China Normal Uiversity). Key research interests focus on the reconstruction of Quaternary palaeoenvironments in southern Africa using a range of proxies and sediment types including dassie (Hyrax) middens and wetlands. He has explored issues around environmental change and human activity in places as far afield as Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa and there is an active group of Honours, Masters and PhD students working under his supervision



Recent Publications (since 2016)

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