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Academic Staff

Assoc Prof Zarina Patel




Senior Lecturer

Honours Convenor

Room 4.09

Tel: +27 21 650 4306

BSc (University of Natal), BSc (Hons.) (University of Natal), MSc (University of Natal), Ph.D. (University of Cambridge)

Academic Profile

Current teaching

EGS 4048S: Environmental Policy and Practice (Honours and Masters)

EGS 1003S: Geography, Development and environment (1st year undergraduate)

EGS 3022S: Geographical Thought (3rd year undergraduate)

Research Interests
My research is concerned with the multiple dimensions of the meaning and practice of sustainable development at the city scale. This agenda is driven by evidence that suggests that in spite of supportive policy frameworks promoting sustainability in South Africa (and elsewhere in both the North and South), the poor and the natural environment continue to be marginalised in decision making. Whilst South African cities and their respective policy processes have been the geographical focus of my research, teaching and supervision, the theoretical application pivots around three interrelated areas which contribute to international debates, including: a) urban knowledge  b) urban governance and c) tools for decision making. In all three themes, environmental justice is a common organising principle used to understand how processes of inequality are perpetuated as a means of identifying more viable pathways.

Using an engaged and applied approach to research, my concern with the justice implications of the gap between policy and practice has focussed on the three themes of urban knowledge, urban governance and tools for decision making. The urban knowledge theme is based on the premise that the goal of sustainable development is both a constructed and contested, rendering its practice political. Understanding how policy discourses emerge, are maintained, and to what effect are key questions underpinning this theme. The institutional perspective offered through this approach in turn forces an analysis of urban governance, which allows for the tracing of stakeholder arrangements and influences in shaping local outcomes. A governance perspective allows for an analysis that extends beyond the institutions negotiating policy positions, to uncover the often ‘invisible’ influences affecting positions taken by local institutions. How stakeholders leverage influence is the focus of the third theme on tools. Here the power vested in tools and methods in sustainability policy and its implementation are the focus. These themes do not sit discretely, as they are often used in combination to understand the complexity of urban policy formulation and implementation.

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