EGS students named in the top 200 YOUNG South Africans 2018 in Mail & Guardian

29 Jun 2018 - 14:30


Picture: Lillian Maboya                                                    Picture: Paballo Chauke 

Mail & Guardian 200 YOUNG South Africans 2018

FOREWORD (credit to Khadija Patel, Editor-in-chief, The Mail & Guardian)

As a publisher of news, the Mail & Guardian seeks to probe the underbelly of our world. We delve into that part of our reality that enrages us, the parts that frighten us, and all too often, we find ourselves uncovering the parts that leaves us wringing our hands in despair. Every day we discover new parts of ourselves that are broken. We find the potential of women and children thwarted by an insidious violence that does not let up. In the course of gathering the news, and telling the story of our world, we find the ruins of what we could be as people, the detritus of who we could be as a world. 

And indeed if we are to be asked what is holding us back, then we have answers aplenty. But all our answers are really questions. And often, our task as the chronicles of news is just to ask the questions. We remain, however, committed to the act of telling the news as an act of truth telling in the service of a more just world.
But our task is not limited to probing the brokenness of who we are. Over the last year, we have exposed schools in Johannesburg without electricity, we have carried the tragic story of yet another child dying in the pit latrine of a school, and we have continued to publish the depth of the horrors of sexual violence. We tell these stories to hold the most powerful in our society to account, to ensure that justice may be done. Because a country in which so many people continue to eke out an existence with no real opportunity to lift themselves outside of the margins of formal society, is a country writhing in silent anguish.
But amidst the anguish, there is a space too to recognise the people who continue to delight us.

And so, the project of highlighting 200 young South Africans every year is important to the M & G. It is an effort to celebrate the young people we believe encompass the potential of humanity to leave the worlds better than what we found it. In recognising these 200 young South Africans, we are marvelling at the ability of human beings to transcend impediments, to build, to believe, to be.

Congratulations To the 200 young people listed here. We've chosen you because you are a guiding light for South Africa. In our youth, we find a unique resilience. We look forward to seeing what more you are going to do. 

Now into its second decade, the list continues to show the wellspring of talent that this country has to offer and indeed not to be outdone and showing the strength and quality of current and emerging students from the Environmental & Geographical Sciences Department are two of the 2018 nominees, pictured above, Lillian Maboya  and Paballo Chauke. Read their stories below: