Academic Staff

Dr Shari Daya

BA Hons (UCT), MA (Durham, UK),
PhD (Durham, UK)

Academic Profile

Since my PhD I have worked on a range of projects, looking at issues from sustainable consumption to the link between neighbourhoods and adolescent mental health. My current work addresses the cultural values driving processes of production and consumption in urban areas. I joined the department in 2008 and teach in the field of cultural geography at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
Currently teaching:

  • EGS 4042F Cultural Geographies
  • EGS 3022S Geographic Thought
  • EGS 2014S Contemporary Urban Challenges

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the sub-discipline of cultural geography and my theoretical work focuses on questions of modernity and identity in the global South - particularly Africa and India. I am also interested to understand how modernity is not just talked and written about, but embodied, enacted and otherwise materialised in everyday life. To this end, I explore how people imagine and participate in different economic systems, including formal capitalist markets, informal trading, 'green' and alternative economies such as cooperatives and the Fair Trade movement, and creative industries. My current empirical work is on the economies of craft in urban Cape Town, alcohol consumption in the Western Cape, and the ethical production of fynbos in Flower Valley on the Agulhas Plain.


Publications in Accredited Journals

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