Emeritus & Honorary Professors

Dr Neil Dewar

Senior Lecturer
Room: 4.14
Tel: 021 650 2880

PhD, MURP, MA, Dip.Ed.

Academic Profile

Both my Masters and PhD degrees were in urban geography, the latter being a study of local government urban finance under changing ideological circumstances in Harare, Zimbabwe. I also obtained a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at UCT.

More latterly, I have developed expertise in integrated environmental management and currently offer a postgraduate semester module in "Social and Economic Impact Assessment". Undergraduate teaching includes modules on "the Population" Environment "Development nexus", "the Brown Agenda in Cities of the South" and the structure and functioning of the contemporary city.

Research Interests

Research interests cover many aspects of urban development and environmental management. Recent papers presented at international conferences involved the future of Cape Town's central business district; bridging environmental education and employment in South Africa; Operationalizing the 'Urban Industrial Metabolism' concept: a case study and critical review; investigation of the potential claim of a landscape for certification as a cultural heritage artefact; and Environmental Management in South Africa. I am currently engaged in a study of the influence of the physical environment on the existence of social pathologies in low-income housing developments.


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