...furthering our knowledge, understanding and management of the interactions between humans and their social, biological and physical life-support systems

Individual members of the department are engaged in a broad range of research topics. In addition however, the department also houses three seperate research units. Members of the department work in close collaboration with these units.

Climate Systems Analysis Group (CSAG)

This is the climatology research group based in the EGS department. CSAG was recently made the START/PACOM Centre of Excellence. The unit strongly focuses on climate modelling and climate change studies, but also has numerous projects that deal with atmospheric research issues pertinent to the country and region.
For more information about CSAG please visit their website - www.csag.uct.ac.za

Environmental Evaluation Unit (EEU)

The Environmental Evaluation Unit (EEU) is an independent, self-funded consulting, research and training unit based at the University of Cape Town. Founded in 1985, the EEU has established itself as a centre of excellence in the fields of integrated environmental management and sustainable development. During this time, the EEU has undertaken work throughout South Africa and the SADC countries, and has provided expertise to leading private and public corporations, research institutions, planning and development organisations, state departments, local authorities and communities.
The EEU has successfully integrated consulting, research, training and community outreach as core activities of its operation. Thus, it has implemented a wide diversity of projects that have contributed to academic debates at the same time as having practical implications on the ground.
Visit the EEU website (http://www.eeu.uct.ac.za) for more information.

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